Dubbing a 30 sec clip worked fine so far (even to several different languages) when there is only one voice involved and there are no gaps and pauses in the track.
However, using a short sample with 3 persons, which are speaking one after the other (no overlapping speech) results in timing problems, where mostly short snippets play much to slow and the different actors suddenly start to overlap.
Cutting and separating the same track into 3 discrete clips of the same length but each clip only containing the dialog of one single actor, and hence producing pauses where the other actors are supposed to speak, also produces tracks with the same flaws. Slowed down snippets and out-of-sync positioning of some snippets in comparison to the original track.
So making individual tracks per character/role and mixing the resulting tracks together in post-production has the same problems -with dialog snippets being in the wrong spot, in the wrong speed and overlapping with other voices…